APC Pairs Standardized Deployment with Profitability at the Local Edge

With over 20 billion connected devices or “things” riddling the farthest corners of the world by 2020, according to Gartner, we are certainly living in the “Age of IoT.” The sheer amount of exponentially increasing connected “things” brings to light the need for more efficient and better information-processing as well as increased customer demands throughout the channel.   Businesses need to be prepared to handle the rising amount of data being exchanged between devices and be able to ensure the speed, accuracy, and security of it.

To respond to these needs, edge computing deployments are increasing. These systems place compute, networking and storage at the edge of the network, closer to point of aggregation and collection. This setup reduces the bandwidth and latency issues common to traditional and cloud architectures, enabling businesses the greater data accessibility needed to succeed in our digital world.

The Edge IT program is a registration based program to incentivize APC by Schneider Electric partners to bring maximum availability to their customers local Edge IT deployment through a validated and pre-configured APC physical Infrastructure designed in our Local Edge Configurator.

Our Local Edge configurator is a new mobile friendly design tool that allows for pre-integrated, pre-configured and custom configuration and solution design for edge environments. Search and add from a refreshed catalog of rack mountable equipment to drag and drop APC or third party equipment into the rack and validate compatibility based on power consumption, power distribution and weight.

Our Edge IT Program gives you the opportunity to receive up to a 20% discount when you configure and sell a combination of the below product categories in our Local Edge Configurator. There is no revenue maximum and you can even stack with one of our other incentive programs to receive up to a 20% discount.

  • Network UPS (Single Phase SmartUps or Single Phase Symmettra)
  • Network Management Cards
  • Racks & Enclosures
  • Rack Mount PDUs
  • Security and Environmental Monitoring
  • Concurrent Services (3 Year Extended Warranties & Advantage plans)
  • DCIM Software


Discount Table

* Any Opportunities over $100,000 will require a special approval from APC

Take advantage of the rapidly growing Edge Compute space, and ensure your customers investment in IoT is protected by logging into your APC personal page, designing a solution in our new Local Edge Configurator, and register the project with APC.

For more information, visit our Edge IT Program page.

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