Cisco event presents Schneider Electric chance to educate, address virtualization

Pretty much everyone involved with data center solutions knows that virtualization is one of the megatrends impacting the capacity and management needs of data centers today. What everyone might not realize is how a partnership between Cisco Systems and Schneider Electric makes it easier to address this megatrend by running their respective management solutions in an integrated fashion.

At Cisco’s recent Cisco Live event in Orlando, Fla., attendees got insight into the benefits of this partnership by taking in a session led by Schneider Electric’s Domenic Alcaro. In his talk titled, “The Intelligent and Connected Data Center,” Alcaro, who is VP of enterprise sales for data center solutions, explained how the combination of Cisco’s UCS Manager, which handles virtualization , and Schneider Electric’s StruxtureWare for Data Centers, a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution, provides UCS customers with an opportunity to better bridge the gap between IT and facilities.

As the Cisco Live session description explains, the integration of these two solutions allows data center managers to create IT-aware facilities management systems while at the same time creating facilities-aware IT management protocols. Anyone wanting to know more about the link between DCIM and Cisco’s UCS can watch this video presentation on Schneider Electric TV. Additionally, white paper 118, “Virtualization and Cloud Computing: Optimized Power, Cooling, and Management Maximizes Benefits,” gives good background on the impact of virtualization on data center physical infrastructure (DCPI).

Virtualization, especially server virtualization, has become the norm in many data centers, necessitating a need to better monitor and possibly right size DCPI to match the virtualized loads. In fact, according to analyst firm IDC, more than 70 percent of all server workloads installed on new server shipments in 2014 will reside in a virtual machine. As experts on Schneider Electric’s Data Center Blog have noted, virtualization can result in lower power efficiency metrics if DCPI and virtualization aren’t kept in balance.

At its Cisco Live booth, Schneider Electric showcased APC by Schneider Electric InfraStruxure solutions designed to accommodate unique design elements of Cisco switches and routers. These were displayed alongside UPS and Rack PDU solutions that utilize Cisco’s EnergyWise power management architecture to help customers make the most of their energy.  In addition, the event was an opportunity to demonstrate how Cisco EnergyWise and Schneider Electric’s BMS solutions help office owners reduce their energy bill by managing hundreds of disparate plug loads.

This particular Cisco Live event is just one recent example of how Schneider Electric’s leadership and its marketing group make focused efforts to educate IT professionals on specific solutions. For other events on tap, check out the events tab found on the home page of APC Partner Central.

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