NetShelter CX builds on “Server-Room-in-a-Box” appeal

Launched in early November, the next generation of NetShelter CX is more flexible and secure than ever thanks to improvements to both the security and networking features of the enclosure.

For customers looking for a lineup of cabinets perfectly suited to office environments that don’t need or want a dedicated data center room, or for facilities that have downsized from a data center but still need to securely house some IT assets, the CX might well be the perfect answer.

The core appeal of the NetShelter CX family remains its “server-room-in-a-box” effect, derived from the fact that CX cabinets are ultraportable, sound-proofed, plug-and-play units that have all the power distribution and ventilation needed to run IT assets without having to construct a dedicated data center room.

“The CX is designed to look at home with other office furniture,” said Debbie Dailey, Schneider Electric’s business development manager for the product. “We call it Server Room in a Box and unlike typical IT equipment it blends quietly and comfortably with any environment.

Key improvements for the next generation CX models include full-lockability, upgraded latching for additional tamper-resistance, improved accessibility with hinging and removable side doors and rear ventilation units. “Now the customer organization can have complete piece of mind that their assets are essentially as secure as if they were locked in server room,” says Dailey.

Another key improvement, according to Dailey, is the adjustability of the four-post, 19-inch, Electronic Industries Association (EIA) specification racking, which are now on rails that allow for a 34 inch maximum depth, and a 4-inch minimum depth. According to Dailey, this gives added flexibility to house networking hardware with deep form factors, as well as small assets.

The product line’s market appeal spans branch offices, bank branches, medical offices and clinics, retail stores, government offices, or even television newsrooms, or indeed any space than doesn’t justify a dedicated server room, said Dailey. With the CX models, she added, a unit can be rolled into an office and be up and running in hours, easily blending into the look of general office space.

The trend toward virtualization and denser, highly efficient regional data centers has brought about a downsizing effect where dedicated data center rooms are discontinued for many buildings because the load is being handled by larger off premise data centers. However, noted Dailey, there often remains a need to securely house some IT assets at buildings that used to have server room, and this need can often be met by a CX model. Between this downsizing trend and the continuing need for plug-and play cabinet solutions for smaller offices, stores, or other sites, the CX has strong market appeal, said Dailey.

“With the next generation of CX, you can house your assets right within your regular office space, right alongside other normal office functions,” said Dailey. “And now with the next generation, the enclosures are more secure and more flexible than ever.”

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