Server Virtualization Makes Power Protection Even More Critical

Virtualization allows multiple physical servers to be consolidated onto a single piece of hardware saving money through more efficient server deployments; essentially allowing your customers to do more with less. With the Gartner Group estimating that virtualization has surpassed 50 percent of all server workloads, now is the time to talk to your customers about how APC™by Schneider Electric’s™latest solutions help customers with their virtualization initiatives to ease resource strain felt by server rooms, data centers and their managers.

Fewer physical servers supporting critical loads means reliable power protection is more important than ever – however many businesses are overlooking a critical part of their IT infrastructure, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

APC by Schneider Electric’s latest Smart-UPS On-Line 5-10 kVA SRT models include PowerChute™Network Shutdown software which helps manage power protection set-up from beginning to end. PowerChute migrates virtual machines to other available VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V hosts not impacted by a power outage. If no other hosts are available, your virtual machines will be gracefully shut down followed by your hosts and physical servers reducing downtime and protecting your equipment from potential damage.

PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.0 has extended its virtualization leadership in a rapidly evolving marketplace by releasing key features and enhancements we know our customers need and want as they start out or continue on their virtualization journey.

Using the step-by-step PowerChute wizard, customers can connect to their VMware vCenter server or Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), select which hosts are protected by each APC UPS and configure the virtualization options most suited to their IT environment seamlessly via the web interface.

For customers with multiple geographic locations or back-up sites, PowerChute Network Shutdown can manage the migration of virtual machines to sites not impacted by power events regardless of the UPS configuration on either site. The different sites can be in the same or different virtual clusters.

PowerChute Network Shutdown is the only power protection software that does not require VMware’s Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) technology for VM migration. This means that even with a Standard VMware license, customers can benefit from virtual machine migration and maximize uptime while saving some valuable IT budget.

Take the opportunity to talk to your customers today about their virtualization journey and how their APC UPS and PowerChute Network Shutdown software can protect their physical and virtual IT infrastructure. To learn more about the new, innovative features of the latest Smart-UPS On-Line SRT models, review your partner page for videos, brochures and other selling tools. The latest video showcasing PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.0 is available here.

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