DCIM Software Creates Real World Results and Sales Opportunties – Episode 6 of Ahead of the Curve

In episode 6 of Ahead of the Curve, our host Himanshu Patel explores the power of StructureWare for Data Centers, Schneider Electric’s full function DCIM software solution. 

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software has been delivering real world savings and efficiency to data centers of all sizes. 

Patel explores the power of three of the system’s core modules.  The IT Optimize module is designed to provide efficiency based on energy use.  The module analyzes many variables including server utilization and energy usage, and helps identify and shut down Zombie servers. The Data Center Expert module has been specially designed for the needs of small to medium sized enterprises by providing a consolidated view of the enterprise and data center operations.  The Data Center Expert module helps optimize your power, cooling, and security environments, and protects against fluctuations in power from everything from brownouts to underpowered racks.  And lastly, the Data Center Capacity module helps predict and manage change on an ongoing basis.  The system can analyze the impact of physical infrastructure and rack-based IT equipment changes before making them and helps avoid unplanned downtime. 

While StructureWare can do so much more with its other modules, this episode is dedicated to explaining the first set of three to partners, because we know that a deep understanding of our solutions will help increase our partners’ influence and sales. And after all, this show and the APC Partner program is fully dedicated to the idea that, “Our partner’s prosperity is our priority.”

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