How White Cabinets Help to Brighten Up Data Centers and Save Money

Picture a standard data center and describe what you see. Chances are, you’re envisioning rows and rows of black cabinets filled with black equipment, and a sea of cabling.

Black has been the standard for data center racks and equipment for years but we’re now learning that it’s not always the optimum choice. This is especially true as data center owners looking to cut energy use are dimming the lights in their data centers, or turning them off altogether. Black equipment installed in black racks with dimmed lighting usually means IT staff need special lighting when working on servers and gear inside the cabinets. It’s not uncommon to see auxiliary lighting installed inside the cabinet or special angled lighting in the room. Even with all that extra lighting, IT staff still often wind up using flashlights or headlamps so they can see what they’re doing.

To help remedy the situation, APC by Schneider Electric recently introduced its line of NetShelter SX white cabinets. Available in eleven different standard SKUs, NetShelter SX white cabinets have all of the same features of the standard black NetShelter SX cabinets that your customers love, but they’re white inside and out.NetShelter SX

White reflects light while black absorbs it. With black cabinets and equipment absorbing so much light, it costs more money to provide adequate lighting in a data center that uses black cabinets.

White cabinets reflect light, making the room seem brighter and requiring less energy to properly light the data center. NetShelter SX white cabinets also create a contrast to the black equipment housed inside, making it easier for data center and IT staff to see what they are doing without holding a flashlight. This makes the staff more effective and reduces the likelihood of human error.

APC by Schneider Electric has standardized the white NetShelter SX in the most popular cabinet sizes to meet a wide range of equipment densities for server and networking applications. The options include 42, 45, and 48U height cabinets in multiple widths and depths. The most recent addition to the offer is in 45U that are 84 inches tall (7 feet) and a popular size among consultants, installers and contractors.

To provide a clean and coordinated look, APC also offers in white, airflow management accessories including vertical exhaust ducts (VED) and overhead cable extensions for routing cabling overhead when using a VED.

Customers have many options to consider when selecting the correct cabinet for their data center or network closets. Now they have an option that saves money by reducing energy consumption while making it easier for IT staff to operate the equipment – just by changing the color of the cabinet. Review other considerations for selecting a data center cabinet in APC by Schneider Electric’s new, free whitepaper, “How to Choose an IT Rack”.

APC by Schneider Electric has long set the standard for data center cabinets and now with the new NetShelter SX in white, in the most popular sizes, they have once again proven to be the leader in energy management. Keep up with the latest trends in data center cabinets and IT racks by following @APCNetShelter on Twitter #NetShelter.

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