NetShelter CX Accessories Provide Boosts in Capacity and Security

In direct response to customer requests, Schneider Electric last week launched two accessories for the NetShelter CX – giving partners even greater opportunity to sell lots of the enclosures.

The NetShelter CX is a self-contained enclosure known as a “server room in a box.” It’s intended to house IT and networking gear that must live in a relatively small space, such as an office environment that has no dedicated space for IT equipment. They’re a great fit for such environments because they muffle about 90% of the sound of the enclosed IT equipment, they’re fan-cooled (no need for additional air conditioning), they’re lockable and they look good – like another piece of furniture in the office. (For more details check out this previous post on the NetShelter CX.)

But, as with just about anything, there’s always room for improvement and a need to adapt and evolve as the market changes. For example, virtualization and cloud computing has companies deploying fewer but more powerful servers, leading to more compact and dense IT infrastructure that can put a strain on existing cooling systems. Some customers are putting lots of high-density equipment in their CX enclosures, such as blade servers and high-capacity switches. Because of that, the customers were sometimes unable to take advantage of all the space available in a given enclosure.

To address the issue, we’re introducing the NetShelter CX Fan Booster Kit. The kit does just what its name suggests, boosts the capacity of the NetShelter CX fan such that it provides more cooling – meaning customers can put more equipment in the same enclosure.

The Fan Booster Kit will increase capacity of the CX by at least about 40% and as much as 100%, depending on model. Here’s the breakdown:


The kit is simple to install on existing units, with just a couple of screws. It comes with a replacement Fan Tray and a new 24-volt power supply – a bit stronger than the existing CX power supply, to handle the more powerful fans. Customers will need one for each fan tray in their CX units. The 18U model has one fan tray, 24U has two and the 38U has three. Each kit retails for approximately $529. If you do the math, partners can position the kits as a relatively inexpensive way for customers to increase the capacity of their existing CX enclosures without having to graduate to a larger size or buy additional units. They may also help customers decide that the NetShelter CX is, after all, the very best solution for their upcoming and ongoing IT needs.

Another new accessory we introduced is the High Security Handle Adapter Kit. As I mentioned, the NetShelter CX is a lockable enclosure but some customers want additional security beyond the traditional lock and key. In fact, in verticals such as healthcare and financial, they need extra layers of security to stay in compliance with various regulations.

The High Security Handle Adapter allows for the installation of other APC rack handles, such as the codelock handle and the HID Proximity Handle, which uses  a security card reader to access the enclosure. This enables  companies to provide remote and local access control over who is allowed to open any given CX unit. Already companies have the ability to lock down the sides of the enclosure and bolt it to the floor if they like; the handle adapter adds yet another layer of security.

Like the Fan Booster Kit, the High Security Handle Adapter can be installed on existing CX enclosures or ordered as an option with new ones. It comes with security cards that customers can program, such as to assign them to specific individuals. The estimated retail price for the kit is $190.

The NetShelter CX presents a great opportunity for partners to deliver a solution that is popular with customers large and small. Learn more about how to get NetShelter CX conversations started with customers from my previous post on that topic and read about how to handle some tough questions you may get from customers in this post.

Then check out our sell sheets to learn how to position the new Fan Booster Kit and High Security Handle Adapter Kit.


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