Step-down Transformer Adds to Powerful Partner Story for the Smart-UPS On-Line 208V Family

The new Smart-UPS On-Line models released in early 2015 are the most feature rich single phase platform available in today’s market, providing new features specifically requested by customers – and giving partners the opportunity to generate greater revenue.

New models that combine step-down transformers with our Smart-UPS On-Line offers are now available, enabling the units to support smaller devices that need 120v input. The step-down transformer is delivered as a bundled SKU with Smart-UPS models. The bundled SKUs enable customers to avoid buying another UPS to back up smaller devices such as routers and switches. That’s a SmartUPSpowerful incentive that partners can use to encourage a Smart-UPS purchase.

And it adds to the many features that already made the latest Smart-UPS units attractive to customers. New models offer unity power factor on the 6kVA through 10kVA units. That means 100% of the power that comes in to the UPS is available on the output side. Our previous Smart-UPS generation offered a power factor of 0.7-0.8, meaning only 70% to 80% of the input power was available, so the new generation represents an increase in output power of 20% to 30%. That .8 power factor is typical of our competitors, so you can make the case to customers that by going with the latest Smart-UPS models they’ll need fewer UPSs to power their loads.

The latest models are also the first in their class to earn the Energy Star label. In economy or “green” mode, the UPSs are 98% efficient, whereas the previous generation achieved approximately 91% efficiency. These models beat that even without economy mode, achieving 94% efficiency in straight online mode. That translates into real energy savings over the life of the UPS – up to $300 per year depending on load.

New Smart-UPS On-Line units also support customer requests to provide more information about the health of their UPSs. The models have larger, back-lit LCD displays that clearly show UPS status. An amber color serves as a warning that something requires attention, perhaps a temporary overload, while red indicates immediate attention is required, such as for a failed battery.

APC has also added intelligent battery management features, including a temperature-compensated charging feature that extends battery life. In addition, an advanced algorithm calculates a recommended battery replacement date and the UPS informs the customer which batteries need to be replaced. That’s a feature that should enable partners to garner more revenue from replacement batteries – a win for both the customer, who isn’t saddled with a failed battery, and the partner.

These are just a few of the highlights of the features you’ll find in the next-generation Smart-UPS On-Line 208V family. Click here to learn more about the features and functions of the entire Smart-UPS family.

And look for the new3 kVA models coming out this November. That means we’ll have options for 3kVA, 5kVA, 6kVA, 8kVA and 10kVA, all with our next-generation features– and all available with the step-down transformer in a bundled SKU. New product innovations based on customer demand position next-generation offers to sell themselves, allowing partners to increase customer satisfaction while increasing partner revenue.

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