Webinar Series Points the Way to Profit from Edge Computing

The IT industry is rife with buzz about edge computing and edge networking of late, and with good reason: they are critical technologies for customers seeking to take full advantage of trends including cloud computing and the Internet of Things. Here at APC by Schneider Electric we’ve spent considerable time and resources thinking about the edge and developing products to help customers implement powerful, reliable edge solutions. And now we want to pass along what we’ve learned to you, our partners.

This month we launched a series of four webinars for partners called “Customer Demand at the Edge,” so named because they all deal with demands that we can help customers solve, with the help of our partners. The idea is to examine the concept of the edge from various angles and break down how partners can profit from delivering solutions and advice that help customers implement viable, reliable edge data centers and networks.

In this post, I’ll give you a taste of what each webinar covers, in hopes of encouraging you to tune in.

1. Always on, Always Connected
Customers, and consumers, have come to expect and rely on applications that are always available when they want them. We all expect optimal performance. If an application buffers too long or a WebEx session doesn’t open right away, we get edgy (pardon the pun), and irritated. In this environment, latency is the enemy. That reality is driving demand for compute power closer to where the users who need it are located, and fast reliable networks to connect them. In this session, we talked about the role standardized, redundant physical infrastructure plays in enabling companies to quickly deploy reliable edge solutions. It’s the kind of infrastructure that partners can help customers implement in a repeatable fashion to address edge requirements wherever they may be in a distributed environment. Click here to watch on demand.

2. Fix My Problem Before it Starts
Edge environments by nature are often in branch or remote offices that have few if any IT staff. As a result, they need remote management capabilities, along with someone to fix problems as they are identified – before they cause disruptions for users. It’s a situation that represents a big opportunity for VAR partners to make the transition to becoming managed service providers (MSPs), performing remote management on behalf of customers. We’ll go through some of the new APC products that enable partners to remotely manage power infrastructure and discuss the Managed Service Program that helps partners develop and monetize managed services.

3. Protect Me from Downtime
As distributed edge environments become more critical, physical security becomes more important. Nobody would leave their data center wide open for anyone to enter, but that’s exactly how many organizations treat their edge computing sites. Often, they consist of a rack or two of gear in a non-dedicated location, perhaps a janitor’s closet, with little to no physical security. In this webinar, we’ll discuss physical security best practices, including environmental issues such as temperature and humidity monitoring. We’ll also update partners on the physical security features of the latest APC racks and the NetBotz line of security and environmental appliances, cameras and sensors.

4. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Customers have lots of decisions to make as they feel their way through the changing IT landscape. Which infrastructure and applications should stay on their own premises (if any) and what can they safely move to the cloud? This final webinar in the series is focused on ways partners can help customers answer these sorts of questions and, in the process, become trusted advisors. We’ll go over how to use tools including the EcoStruxure IT suite to analyze customer traffic and help them decide the best home for each application, whether on-premises or in the cloud. (Hopefully we’ll figure out a way to work in the classic Clash tune as well.)

The series started in early October and will run through Dec. 7. We’ll be archiving each webinar so you can view them anytime if you miss the live version. Although catching them live is the best bet, because you’ll get to pepper our experts with questions. Click here for the complete list of webinars and to register. You’ll be on your way to profiting from the edge.

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