6 Keys to Building an Energy Management Practice Based on Coming Regulations

The EPA has signaled that it will soon pass regulations that will make electricity more expensive for data centers across the nation. In July, this GIGaom article predicted rising electricity costs in California Data Centers due to cap-and-trade regulations imposed on organizations that produce a lot of carbon dioxide.  In August, Network World voiced similar concerns regarding new laws reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  This trend is not something that can be ignored; it is inevitable which makes it a compelling event for our customers and prospects.

The challenge for solution providers is how to address the importance of energy efficiency, when often times your customers don’t want to hear it or pay for it.  More often than not, they want the cheapest, fastest solution with the lowest up-front cost.  With impending regulations around the corner, customers need you to be their energy experts and help them take small, cost-effective steps towards better energy efficiency in their IT environments.

That is why we came up with the following 6 tips for building a simple but effective Energy Management Practice for customers who might not be thinking of energy efficiency:

1.  Think EFFICIENT Hardware!  When installing a new UPS, opt for one that has an EnergyStar rating.  It’s a small thing that makes a big difference!  If all UPS’s sold in one year met Energy Star requirements, the energy cost savings would grow to $471 million and prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the emissions from more than 636,000 vehicles!

2.  Think SMART Hardware!  Install power distribution that can be monitored and managed remotely.  This way the customer can see the power being used by every device that is plugged in.  If any of this equipment is not critical, it can be turned off remotely until it is needed.

3.  Think RIGHT SIZED!  If your customer has virtualized or consolidated their IT space recently, there is a good chance their power and cooling infrastructure is oversized.  This means they are still paying big electricity bucks with minimal utilization!  Help them install power and cooling more suitable for their slim new environment.

4.  Think VISIBILITY!  Install a modular software package that can not only monitor the status of all IT equipment, but allows them to manage and optimize their IT space.  With proper visibility to their energy utilization comes powerful knowledge on how to improve efficiency!

5.  Think STARTING POINT!  Offer a low-cost, entry-level energy efficiency assessment.  Schedule a walk-through and help them find any quick easy fixes, then come up with a plan for next steps.

6.  Think MONEY!  Research local rebate programs.  Customers are much more likely to invest in a new, efficient piece of data center equipment if they will be compensated for it.  These rebates are becoming more and more commonplace in response to the above-mentioned EPA regulation.

There you have it, folks.  Six easy steps that will send you on your way towards becoming a much-needed energy management solution provider and customer partner.  Now go sell and help change the world!

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