myNetShelter Brand of Custom NetShelter Racks and PDUs Presents New Opportunity for Partners

APC by Schneider Electric partners now have some exciting and potentially lucrative offerings to present to customers: customizable NetShelter SX enclosures and APC Rack PDU platforms, now offered under the myNetShelter brand.

myNetShelter gives partners new ways to satisfy those customers who want it “my way.” Now you can offer options with respect to roof designs, side panels, mounting rail configurations, doors and even color – with white cabinets now an option since they were introduced as a standard cabinet offer in 2015.

This means partners can offer cabinets pre-configured with only the components they want and pre-integrated with PDUs and all the other accessories customers may need, which were previously sold separately. Customers not only get to order all the components in one step, but also have them delivered already assembled. Literally thousands of cabinet configurations are now available with little to no increase in cost or lead time through this cabinet assemble-to-order (ATO) process. And there’s no minimum in terms of order quantity.

We don’t stop with just cabinets, either. The same ATO process with no minimum order quantity is available for rack PDUs with the option to swap input cord types to match upstream power requirements or even reduce input cord length for just the right length for the application.

For customers that require a completely new design we also have breaking news to share as we open up and socialize previously designed cabinets and make them available for projects. In addition, we support these completely new “myNetShelter” designs with an engineering and manufacturing crew dedicated to streamlining customization for our customers so they can avoid costly and unsafe field modifications. Designed to serve enterprise customers ordering in greater volumes, APC by Schneider Electric can offer simple color changes to complex rack modifications or completely new designs. Whether the application calls for a particular design or dimension, unique thermal ducting, or distinct airflow capabilities, the dedicated myNetShelter engineering and manufacturing crew is hard at work delivering these customized co-engineered solutions for your customers’ projects.common_requests_preconfigured_web

For customers, that translates to significant value. It reduces installation time while improving quality, by eliminating the potential for mistakes made in the field during assembly. It also simplifies the specification process, as partners can walk customers through the process using the online configuration tool. And all configurations will be kept online, to simplify future orders. You can also wrap all this in a “green” message (which fits with Schneider Electric’s larger green energy management efforts), because it means a much smaller carbon footprint due to less packaging and shipping waste.

Of course all this is a benefit for APC by Schneider Electric partners as well, since customers now have more incentive to buy all components from you. But beyond that, the simplified ordering process should give you more time to talk up other offerings, whether a service offering that carries higher margins, installation service or software package.

What’s more, you’ll also have a dedicated engineering team behind you to help customers build racks that truly satisfy their needs. This is a change from the past when partners were largely on their own to help customers spec out their requirements. Partners could even charge for the service, if they choose, although it’ll be provided for free from APC by Schneider Electric.

Custom rack offerings may well help partners win additional business from customers. In the past if a customer couldn’t get the exact rack they wanted from APC, that may have also jeopardized the decision on other power and cooling products. Now they’ve got one less excuse to look elsewhere.

I expect this will eliminate a competitive disadvantage that partners sometimes faced with respect to APC by Schneider Electric racks and PDUs. Now you have the opportunity to turn it into a big advantage

To learn more, check out this simple one-page myNetShelter brochure and visit the myNetShelter web site.

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