Show Customers How to Maximize UPS Efficiency…and Win!

Showing your customer how to improve UPS efficiency—through maintenance, upgrades, changing load requirements, or replacement—can help them drive down operating costs and score a win for you!

The following example shows the ten-year cost differences of two 500 kW UPS systems—a modern UPS and a legacy UPS with an efficiency rating of 96% and 88%, respectively—each supporting 400 kW of IT load running 7/24.


Annual internal

UPS loss costs

Annual cooling cost

for losses

Total 10-year cost

of losses

Modern UPS at 96% efficiency $14, 016 $5,606 $196,220
Legacy UPS at 88% efficiency $42,048 $16,819 $588,670
OPEX savings of modern UPS $28,032 $11,213 $392,450

Assumptions: 8,760 hours per year for 7/24 operation, $0.10 per kW/hr cost of energy, energy required to remove 1kW of heat is 0.4kW.

How you can help your customer:

Contact your APC by Schneider Electric representative who can help you assess your customer’s current UPS efficiency and put a plan in place to improve it.

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