APC Partners: Find a Messy K-12 Server Room and You May Win $1,000

Any APC partner that targets K-12 schools has likely seen one, a so-called server room that’s in total shambles. Maybe it’s servers, routers and switches sitting on desks or stacked directly on top of one another, covered in dust. Perhaps it’s a nest of cables that’s impossible to untangle, never mind troubleshoot. You get the idea.

Well, we want to get into those server rooms, at least figuratively, and we’re asking our partners to help. APC by Schneider Electric is launching the APC K-12 Server Room Makeover Contest, through which we’ll award a U.S.-based K-12 school with the messiest server room with $10,000 in IT gear. And the partner that nominates the winning school will get an additional $1,000 for itself!

Your job is to find these ramshackle spaces, take a photo or video, and send it to us. If we agree that your nominee is the best of the lot, which in this case means it’s the worst, then that school will win a $10,000 shopping spree for the IT equipment of its choice. Whether it’s racks, UPSs, routers, servers, Chromebooks, tablets, touch screen monitors, it’s up to them – whatever suits the school’s needs.

Now for the details.

The contest is open to any U.S.-based K-12 school, public or private.

Any space that houses IT equipment is fair game; it could be a full-blown data center, or just a wiring closet, server room, even a janitor’s closet if that’s where the school stashes its IT equipment. (Although we hope you’ll encourage them to get some proper racks.) Call it what you will, but if it’s a room where IT gear lives, it fits the bill.

Send us some sort of visual documentation so we can see what it looks like. You’ve got lots of flexibility here. Snap a photo or two with a phone and send them along. Or, take a video and give us a virtual tour of the facility. Have the customer make it a cry for help if you like – we’ll lend a sympathetic ear. (You’ll find the entry link at www.APCK12Makeover.com.)

Next, share the picture or video using the hashtag #APCK12Makeover via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (referencing @APC_Channels for Twitter).

APC resellers will get a $25 pre-paid Visa card for each entry they submit (up to 10 entries per reseller). If your customer wins the $10,000 grand prize, you’ll also get the $1,000 bonus.

Finally, the deadline is June 30, 2017. Just get us your submission before then, share it on social media, and you’re in the running.

So, hunt down your best worst K-12 server room and start snapping pics or shooting video. Then visit www.APCK12Makeover.com to enter. Good luck!

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