5 most popular questions about the APC purchase process

Partners call into APC by Schneider Electric with a wide variety of questions. We’re aware that they sell several different brands and types of products, so they might not always know all the details about ours. Below is a list of answers to 5 of the most common questions we get from partners about purchasing APC products.

1.  What is the Trade-UPS program and how does it work?

There are two Trade-UPS options; end-user and reseller.

For end users, this allows for a discount to be applied on their purchase for sending back their old UPS. pic00467Customers can get a discount on up to 4x the VA capacity of the traded in UPS as well as discounted accessories.  For example: A customer can trade in a 1,500VA UPS and get a discount on up to 6,000VA worth of UPS systems (whether that be one 6,000 VA unit or four 1,500VA units)  We provide prepaid return shipping labels for the old unit.

For resellers, this allows for a greater discount than the end-user would receive for trading in their customers’ old UPS. The order is placed through APC, but payment and shipping is handled through distribution.  The reseller TradeUPS program can only be accessed through a personal partner page, because you must be a certified APC Reseller to take advantage of this program.

2.  How can I get a discount?

The only way to receive discounts from APC (other than the occasional special promotion) is via our programs, such as Trade-UPS, Opportunity Registration, Cisco OIP/ORP Incentive Program, and the Small IT Solutions Program.  Most of these programs involve working with APC Sales as well as a preferred distributor.  Direct discounted pricing isn’t typically available to most resellers.  APC is very channel-driven and encourages resellers to purchase through our certified distributors, who may offer bulk discounting, price match, and loyalty programs of their own.

3.  How does the Partner Program work? Opportunity Registration Program?

Resellers can gain access to our partner program by signing up to become a partner. Once a profile and log-in have been created, the reseller will become a registered partner. Depending on which type of partner they are qualified as, partners can gain access to the rewards program, marketing funds, and even potential discounts with the Opportunity Registration Program (ORP).  This program rewards partners who find and register an opportunity with us. If the project meets the program’s qualifications and is not already known to APC, discounts can be received on the order.

4.  What is the status of my order? How can I track the shipment?

My Schneider allows access to view the orders that have been placed directly with APC via a purchase order. We can view the shipping information and gain access to a tracking number on those orders that have already been processed. We cannot typically track orders placed via the reseller Trade-UPS site since most shipping is done through distribution – therefore any tracking information would need to come from the chosen distributor.

5.     How can I pay for my order?

Orders can be placed online or over the phone for a standard purchase with credit card. For the Reseller Trade-UPS option, resellers can purchase with credit card or a purchase order via distribution. Direct Shopping Cartaccounts can place orders directly through APC with a purchase order.  Most partners, however, will want to purchase through one of our main distributors: Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Synnex, or D&H.

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