Add or Expand Your Managed Services Offering to Increase Profitability and Value

Make your next “big thing” expanding your managed services portfolio in creative ways that add even more value to the customer.  If you’re already monitoring and protecting their network, doesn’t it make sense to monitor and protect the backbone of that network?  Add remote management of physical infrastructure as part of your offer.

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  • Protect against power failures – Deploy UPS systems with Network Management Cards (SNMP web cards) to protect critical equipment and maintain availability during power outages.
  • Remotely monitor and manage power – Deploy a PDU (outlet strip) that has outlets which can be controlled remotely, can cycle power, shed load, and sequence power via a remote network interface or programmed control.
  • Remotely monitor IT environment – Install probes to capture temperature and humidity, and sensors for door entry, motion, smoke, and leaks.

Getting Started – Monitoring and Management Solutions:

We’ve developed products like NetBotz and StruxureWare software to provide a comprehensive monitoring and management solution designed to protect against physical, environmental, or human threats which can cause disruption or downtime to IT infrastructure.

To make it easy, we’ve even created bundle SKUs available for purchase and resale through distribution:

  • 3 Rack Monitoring Solution:  (SKU NB3RKMON)
    • Includes motion activated NetBotz camera, Temp/Humidity probe, rack-entry sensors, leak detection, and 2 years hardware/software support
  • 5 Rack Management Solution (Hardware DCE):  (SKU NB5RKMGT)
    • Includes StruxureWare Data Center Expert  (centralized management of intelligent PDUs, UPSs, and cooling units), motion activated NetBotz cameras, Temp/humidity probes for each door, rack-entry sensors, leak detection, and 2 years hardware/software support
  • 5 Rack Management Solution (Virtual DCE):  (SKU NB5RKMGTVM)
    • Includes same as “Hardware DCE” but with StruxureWare Data Center Expert DCE VM Activation Key

Question to Ask/How to Sell:

  • How are you currently monitoring the power and cooling within your IT environment?
  • When was the last time you assessed the power in your server room, data center, or networking closet?
  • What are you doing for security at the rack and row level of your IT environment?
  • When was the last time you monitored the capacity and battery life of your UPS?

Once these solutions are installed, offer to monitor/manage the physical infrastructure for the customer at an additional cost on their monthly bill so they don’t have to worry about it.  If you don’t feel comfortable monitoring the equipment yourself, leave it to the experts and sell them APC Remote Monitoring Services.   

Extra Credit Services to Offer:

  • Extended Warranties/Service Plans
  • Upgrade Service Plan – Next Business Day
  • Upgrade Service Plan – 4 Hour On-Site
  • Remote Monitoring Services
  • Energy Assessments

For more information, contact your local APC Partner Development Representative.

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