Ahead of the Curve-Episode 9: New Opportunity Registration Program

At APC by Schneider Electric, we are constantly striving to increase partner profitability and to make it easier to do business with us.  That is why we have refreshed our Opportunity Registration Program (ORP).  We want to reward those GO GETTERS out there who invest in developing new opportunities by protecting their efforts and awarding discounts.

We’re awarding discounts in three strategic application areas:

1. Business Networkwe have decreased deal registration revenue requirement from $35k to $15k allowing for more opportunities and discount.

2. Strategic Product Familieswe have lowered and in some cases eliminated revenue thresholds in this category.

3. Data Center Solutions – in this category partners can build upon strategic product family deals to further increase their profit.

In sum, our changes to the Opportunity Registration Program offer lower thresholds, more incremental revenue, and more profit – good news all around!

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