APC Offers Free Tools to Help Partners Step Up their Digital Marketing Efforts

Experts say that customers conduct nearly 70% of their product research online, using various sorts of digital resources. That means if you’re not online and ready to engage these customers, you may well miss out on sales opportunities.

At APC by Schneider Electric, we understand what it takes to produce the kind of content customers will find engaging and, most important, helpful. It takes significant time, money and effort. We get that not all our partners can afford to take on that sort of heavy marketing lift.

So, we’ve decided to do it for you.

Over the last several months, we’ve been busy creating and assembling a collection of content, including syndicated webpages, email marketing campaigns and social media posts for our partners to use in their own marketing campaigns. Collectively called APC Digital Marketing Solutions, it’s all free of charge for any partner enrolled in the APC Channel Partner Program.

The resources fall into three categories:

Customizable email campaigns: Launch your own e-mail campaign using dozens of complete, customizable, automated and co-branded e-mail packages. You’ll find campaigns targeted at a variety of vertical markets and product offerings. Each campaign can be fully automated or customized. Set up a workflow with just a few clicks and you’re done; the emails will go out at predefined times to your customer and prospect list. Align them with your own sales objectives and you’ll have a full-fledged lead nurturing campaign. We even have built-in analytics to measure results and support integration with your CRM tool for closed-loop reporting, making for a more collaborative sales process.

Web site content: Promote APC products on your own web site with our syndicated content. All it takes is copying and pasting a line of code to embed syndicated APC content on your website. Personalize and customize the content your customers will see to highlight the solutions you offer. The downloadable content on the site is gated so you’ll be able to capture and generate leads from site visitors. Again, built-in analytics enable you to capture prospecting data, measure visitor activity to improve responses and adjust your marketing efforts to improve results.

Syndicated social media: Promote all your great content with pre-made, syndicated social media posts. You know there’s power in social media, but it can be costly and complex to master how to make it work for you. Our pre-made social posts remove that cost and complexity. They enable “set it and forget it” automation if you like, or pick and choose which messages to post and when, to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The posts are sent out through your own social media accounts, with your own branding, and are completely customizable.

Likewise, you’ll own all the leads that these marketing programs generate. Integrate them with your internal CRM system and take advantage of all the built-in analytics. You’ll get detailed statistics on how many people opened an email, or viewed a web site page, how long they stayed, how far along in the sales process they are, and much more so you can provide more insight to sales people for lead follow ups.

The APC Digital Marketing Solutions campaigns are intended to help fulfill one of the four pillars of the APC Channel Partner Program, diverse sales and marketing enablement. Along with profitability, support, and enhancing your partner experience, it’s our intention to help you be as successful as possible.

Leveraged together, or even individually, these tools give even the smallest company access to the kind of content and distribution that large firms spend thousands of dollars producing every year. We’re giving it to you for free.

The portal is run by Zift Solutions, who make it very simple to implement as a premium support representative contacts you once you’ve registered and offers you personalized help, recommendations, and tutorials on the system. We’re confident you’ll find the tools easy to implement and utilize, even if you don’t have deep marketing automation experience.

To learn more about APC Digital Marketing Solutions, check out this short overview video. Or, to read more about the program and register, visit the DMS Overview and Registration page. All of the resources, login and registration pages are also available on your Partner Personal Page under the Partnership, evolved > Enablement section. If you have any questions on APC Digital Marketing Solutions, reach out to the APC Channel Marketing Team.


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