APC Partner Program Earns 5-Star Rating in CRN 2017 Partner Program Guide

APC by Schneider Electric has once again been honored by CRN with its 5-Star Partner Program rating in its 2017 Partner Program Guide (PPG), signifying the APC Channel Partner Program is among the “elite subset” of award applicants who “offer solution providers the best partnering elements in their channel programs.”

For at least the last 7 years, the APC Channel Partner Program has been awarded the highest honor in CRN’s annual PPG, which is of course gratifying – because we do put significant effort into making our program the best it can be for you, our valued partners.

CRN comes up with its ratings based on a methodology that scores each partner program by the vendor’s answers to a series of detailed questions about their programs. The application includes questions about how the vendor motivates and supports its partners, how it helps partners increase their profits, how partner tiers and discounts are determined, and what the vendor offers partners to help them expand their businesses.

As you’ll see from the APC Channel Partner Program profile on the CRN site, APC offers quite a lot of resources in many of these areas. In terms of motivators, the list includes financial rewards, incentive programs, joint marketing planning, low-interest financing, online tools, product demo program, rebates, tiered discounts, training, and lots more – which I hope you’re taking advantage of.

Likewise, the list of ways we try to help partners expand their businesses is long. It includes items such as training to help partners capture more of the services market, information to help horizontal VARs break into new vertical markets, training around how to provide hosted and managed services, tools to identify selling opportunities, and, again – lots more.

What’s more, all of our training is free for partners and there are no fees or revenue commitment necessary to join the APC Channel Partner Program. We want to help you make money, not spend it.

Our program is set up with a simple goal in mind: to help our partners succeed. Because we know if our partners succeed, then APC as a whole will succeed.

It’s great that CRN continues to recognize the work we put into the APC Channel Partner Program. But we want you, our partners, to know that we aren’t resting on our laurels. We continually strive to make the program better, to help you be more successful than ever. So, if you’ve got ideas on how we might improve the program, by all means let us know. Because we’re working right now to make sure we get that 5-star rating from CRN again next year. To learn more about some of our newer initiatives, please visit our CRN CloseUp page.

Thank you to CRN for this honor and, most importantly, thank you to all of our partners for all you do to make the APC Channel Partner Program a success for all of us.

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