Give K-12 clients a chance to ease budget woes and win $10,000 in 2018 for server rooms . . . like partner Forward Edge did in 2017!

Do any of your K-12 clients have problem IT areas, server rooms, or network closets that are keeping them from efficiently delivering on their promises of creating interactive learning environments? If your clients are like most budget-strapped schools and districts, the answer is probably “yes.”

That’s precisely why APC by Schneider Electric created its K-12 Makeover Contest! Partner representatives who enter their K-12 clients into the contest have a unique opportunity to help them potentially win $10,000 to improve or update technology and server rooms that are keeping them from delivering on their mission—while strengthening their relationships.

After APC by Schneider Electric launched the contest, partner Forward Edge took the opportunity to enter 7 of its clients, including Forest Hills School District (FHSD) in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the outdated server room at Turpin High School. Forward Edge was committed to its K-12 clients and knew many were deserving.

FHSD had already made cutbacks to its IT department when Forward Edge—the largest K-12-focused technology provider in Ohio—became its education technology consultant. This arrangement allowed the district to focus on its core competency—education—while augmenting its core IT capabilities with on-site expertise.

APC by Schneider Electric & partner Forward Edge present the contest’s winning check to members of the Forest Hills School District

With a “customer first” philosophy that permeates everything they do, Forward Edge understood that potential prize winnings could help ease the district’s budget woes. In fact, Forward Edge literally viewed the contest as a door-opening opportunity to deepen the client relationship. They also understood that, even if the district didn’t win the makeover contest, they still had outdated technology that needed improvement.

Turpin High School’s messy server room that won the contest.

Forward Edge immediately thought of Turpin High School’s outdated server room, and the district was only too happy to show off the “scary-looking” space for the contest.

After considering all of the entrants, APC by Schneider Electric selected the Turpin High School server room for its first-ever $10,000 makeover award.

The funds will help the district upgrade its equipment to improve internet connectivity and reliability.

Will your client win in 2018?

Now, APC by Schneider Electric is launching a new contest for the new year! All APC partners and their K-12 clients may participate in the 2018 K-12 IT Makeover Contest. Just visit between Jan. 1, 2018, and June 30, 2018 for information on submitting your entries. For each entry, you will receive a $25 Visa gift card (up to 10 per person)—and if your client is selected to receive the $10,000 award, you’ll also receive $1,000! Visit to learn more about our IT solutions for education.

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