Introducing Weekly Channel Chats…starting Thursday, July 9th

When our partners speak, we listen – As you know, we’re committed to ensuring that our partner program evolves as much as your business. Our new definition of partnership seeks to maximize your profitability, enablement, support, and overall partner experience. We are continuing to leverage APC’s Evolved Partnership Portal to highlight the consistent improvements and programs APC is providing to our partners.

So What’s New?

One piece of feedback we consistently received from our partners during our live event was how much you all enjoyed and appreciated our open and honest communication in the scheduled chats which took place in the virtual tradeshow booths. In response, we’ve decided that in Q3, we will hold these scheduled chats on a weekly basis.

We’re so pleased to introduce Channel Chats, a weekly series of interactive discussions with APC Channel Partner Program subject matter experts, coming at you LIVE starting Thursday, July 9 at 2PM ET.

For the month of July, we will be focusing on one of our fundamental pillars of partnership: Providing more diverse ENABLEMENT

What’s on the Schedule this week?
Thursday, July 9- APC Digital Marketing Solutions is an enhanced marketing suite for partners to incorporate web content syndication, leverage industry relevant email campaigns, and generate leads.   It’s designed to nearly eliminate the time and resources required to release new and updated APC solution information to a partner’s website.  This site is a staple to the APC Channel Partner Program and available to all partners Registered and above!

Find out more about how this tool is not only a marketing resource, but also a lead-generating sales enablement tool at our first Enablement Channel Chats!  Channel Marketing Specialist Andrea Michel will lead the conversation.

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See you Thursday!

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