IT Modernization Suite Protects Customers Through Tough Summer Months and Saves Them Money Too

Summer is here, and that means high temperatures and humidity which can cause an increase in the wear and tear on your customers’ data center physical infrastructure – especially aging hardware.  Server rooms get hot – components fail.  It’s a fact of IT life.  Here’s another fact: you can help your customers avoid this hardship.  Of course you can start by asking your customers about their current cooling situation (take a look at our Cooling Discovery Matrix for ideas on how to start that conversation, or visit our new cooling solutions microsite).

Another solution to help your customers avoid Summer-time component failure woes is to ensure that their 3ph UPS (such as Symmetra PX) is up to scratch.  Sometimes this will mean updating or replacing an older UPS system.  Exploring these options will protect your customers this Summer, and make you some moneSymmetraPXy too.

Let’s run through a typical scenario:
Scenario: Your customer has a Symmetra PX that is 10 years old or older and may or may not have a service contract that you’re aware of.  There are no plans to replace the entire unit, but there is concern that the combination of system age, Summer heat, and increased strain on components due to increased productivity may be too much for the unit to handle.
Solution:  Offer your customer Modular Power Revitalization Service (MPRS), which is part of Schneider Electric’s Modernization suite of service offers.  MPRS is a full proactive replacement of critical components within a Symmetra PX or Megawatt UPS.  MPRS is less expensive than buying replacement parts and labor separately (customers typically save 35%-40% by purchasing the bundled service).

Why MPRS?  With a mature UPS System that is 10 years old or still has five or more years of remaining useful life, preventive replacement of critical components can reliably extend the life of the UPS.
What does this mean in plain English?  In order for your customer’s PX to continue to run efficiently and reliably (and avoid costly downtime), the internal components of the unit such as power modules, communication cards, and static switches should be replaced after 10 years.  Many customers have not yet planned for this, and they typically plan to keep their UPS for 15 years or more.  In addition to affordably extending the reliable life of your customer’s UPS, MPRS includes a free 1 year Advantage Ultra service plan, which runs $4,000 ERP on average.  This is a great way to get your customers back under contract and provides an opportunity to renew them in the following years.
How do I buy?  You can purchase any of the MPRS SKUs through distribution or from APC if you have a direct account.  You can find the correct SKU to purchase via our Service Selector Tool.  Simply enter the SKU of your customer’s Symmetra PX unit and scroll down to the Modernization services available for that UPS. Be sure to know how many power modules need to be replaced. If you have any questions contact your local APC Sales or Service Representative.  Click here to learn which Service Sales representative covers your region.

I’ll leave you with a fun fact: There are over 6,000 Symmetra PX UPS units in North America that are approaching or have passed their 10 year mark.  How many of those units belong to a customer in your area?  How many of those customers can afford a new UPS?  Help them out this Summer with Modernization services from Schneider Electric!

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