Keeping It Simple: Requirements for Becoming a Certified MSP Partner

As the APC by Schneider Electric power and cooling managed services program gets under way, some of our partners are wondering how your relationship with us changes when you join the program. Are there legal or contractual obligations that need to be formalized?

The simple answer to that question is no. You need not renegotiate a contract, renew commitments or subject yourself to any legal obligations to start taking advantage of our managed services offering.

Our goal in formalizing a managed services program wasn’t to bring complexity to the relationship, but rather to make things simpler. As an organization, we recognized that more and more of our partners were moving in the direction of managed services, and we asked ourselves how we could best support – and facilitate – the transformation to the recurring-revenue model.

As we explored various options, studied the market, and reviewed how other vendors tackled the managed services opportunity, we concluded that we needed to create managed services-focused certifications, support and sales opportunities to help you succeed – and make it as simple as possible to become an APC MSP partner.

Certification Requirements

The one requirement we ask of you is to certify your company under our managed services program. There is no registration fee or revenue threshold to reach to enjoy the program’s benefits. So long as you certify your business as an MSP partner, you’ll qualify for managed services-specific bundle discounts, bonus points and special financing.

There will eventually be two certification levels for MSP partnersManaged Service Provider Sales Associate and Managed Service Provider Sales Professional. Currently only the Sales Associate (associated with our Select level) has been released.

The Sales Associate level can be completed through on-demand online training, and enhances your expertise in power and cooling managed services. The online curriculum for the Sales Associate entry-level track takes about a half-hour to complete.

If you’re not an existing APC Partner, and you’re interested in the managed services program, you’ll need to create a personal page by clicking here. Through this page, you will access training materials, access support materials and, once you become certified, register deals.

Service and Solution Delivery

Once you become an MSP partner, we’ve made it really simple to start deliver power and cooling solutions and services through the program. Integration with major RMM vendors such as Solar Winds N-able, Kaseya, and AVG/Level Platforms gets you up and running quickly.

If you buy solutions through distribution, nothing changes there. You’ll continue to work with your distributor to procure the technology you install at client sites. Our primary distributors are Tech Data, Synnex, Ingram Micro, and D&H Distributing.

As you can see, we’ve made it as simple as possible to help you become a certified MSP partner. We’ve put together a program designed to support the specific needs of the managed services provider and enhance your profitability in selling and servicing power and cooling solutions. The next move is yours: Call your account rep to learn more about the program.








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