New Advanced Operator Training Saves Users Time and Money and Creates New Sales Opportunities

DataCenter1“The largest single cause of data center downtime is human error, which can result from poor training.” – Gartner Group

Gartner and others have pointed out that too often, data center operations staff have limited knowledge and experience with the physical infrastructure in the Data Center.  This education gap can result in increased risks to system availability, high operating costs, and loss of productivity.

Schneider Electric’s Advanced Operator Training is focused on dramatically reducing data center downtime by offering a new service available for you to offer your customers.  The training is focused on providing critical operator knowledge in a classroom setting matched with practical hands-on experience to ensure students can maximize operational efficiency and system availability.  Best of all, training is offered by certified personnel, for up to 6 participants, at the customer’s location, so no additional travel time or costs are accumulated. Through a unique combination of classroom training and lab exercises, participants are able to enhance their knowledge of their installed system and increase their level of confidence when interfacing with this equipment. The Advanced Operator Training enables customers to receive the best return on investment from their Schneider Electric system.  The course focuses on:

System-Level Training

      • Provides an enhanced understanding of system components to increase the operational knowledge and expertise of participants

Customer-Specific Curriculum

      • Increases the capabilities and comfort level of participants by allowing them to interact with the specific types of equipment they will be managing on a day-to-day basis

 Interactive Training Session

      • Facilitates understanding of the operation and maintenance of Schneider Electric equipment through hands-on training

Availability, Pricing, and Products Covered: Advanced Operator training will be available starting February 3rd for the Symmetra PX 250-500 (SKU# WAOT-NX-00) and the Symmetra PX 20-100 (SKU# WAOT-PX-00).  This training service if offered at a standard price.  Training will also be available for the Galaxy 3500/SUVT, Galaxy 5000, Galaxy PW, Galaxy VM, InRow Cooling, and InRoom Cooling in the coming months.

Education that Creates Opportunities: The Advanced Operator Training offer will educate your customer on their own equipment at their own site, which is sure to expand their knowledge of Schneider Electric product & service options.  This, in turn, will create new sales opportunity for you and a chance for you to build a deeper relationship with your customer that spans the entire equipment lifecycle.




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