New Products Help Make the Case for UPS Backup for Network Gear

I’ve been writing for the past few weeks about the great opportunity our channel partners have around selling UPS devices to protect networking equipment. In one post I laid out the economic drivers behind the opportunity, namely that server and PC sales are on the decline while sales of networking equipment are robust. In another post I explained the challenges driving IT folks to want to provide backup for their networking equipment, which amount to providing 24 x 7 uptime, the need for remote network management capabilities and their desire for infrastructure equipment that’s easy to install and use day to day.

Hopefully by now you’re realizing the opportunity that is before us and are pumped to go sell some products because APC by Schneider Electric just came out with four new UPS products that are a perfect fit for backing up network equipment.Keep Calm

First up is the SmartUPS SC 450 (part number SC450R1X542). This is a 450VA unit that comes with an integrated network management card and sells for $350.  That’s not only less than comparable products from the competition, it makes a network management-capable UPS more affordable than ever. And remember, one of the key points that IT folks look for is the ability to manage these devices remotely. The SC 450 is also a relatively small device, taking up just 1U of rack space, yet it’s more than up to the job to back up a network switch or router.

For those that need more power, we’ve also announced the SMT1500RM1U, a 1500VA UPS that’s also takes up only 1U of rack space. This unit is ideal for a network closet environment, where it can back up multiple network switches or routers. And it accepts a network management card so it, too, can be remotely managed.

A third new product is the BG500, a lithium ion-based UPS. The beauty of this product is that it puts out 500VA of power, but is based on a lithium ion battery that has a life expectancy of 7 to 10 years, as compared to 3 to 5 years for a lead acid battery. It’s also network manageable out of the box and has an innovative watchdog feature. If you lose communication to a device, the watchdog feature will cycle power to specified outlets in order to reboot the device – remotely. And the BG500 has an estimated retail price of just $299.

Finally, we’re also announcing the NetShelter SV Family of racks that come in around 20% to 30% lower cost than previous models. Intended for low to medium density applications, the racks are a good fit for companies with rack-mounted network gear, perhaps mixed in with some rack-mounted servers.

So there you have it. The table is set for our partners to seize the opportunity that UPS backup for network gear presents. The economic drivers are in place and the need is without question present, as companies of all stripes move to take advantage of cloud-based services and applications – which demand an always-on network connection. And now you’ve got some new products to talk up.  I’m looking forward to an exciting and profitable year ahead.





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