Partner Incentive Programs Offer Discounts of up to 17% on APC Gear Sold to K-12 Schools

Given the ever-increasing importance of technology in teaching and learning, K-12 schools present plenty of opportunity for APC partners to sell lots of UPSs, racks and enclosures, a topic we covered in this previous blog post. What’s more, many schools are eligible for significant rebates through the federal government E-Rate program, which helps them make the business case for technology purchases (the topic of yet another post).

On top of that, APC has incentive programs that make K-12 deals even sweeter for our partners, for deals of pretty much any size.

For example, K-12 opportunities under $15,000 get:

  • A 5% up front discount through our participating IT distributors, D&H, Ingram Micro, Synnex and Tech Data
  • Discounts can be stacked with quarterly channel rebates which are typically 7%
  • Total of 12% up front discount when the two are stacked

K-12 opportunities greater than $15,000 quality for the following discounts:

  • 5% K-12 distributor discount
  • 5% APC Opportunity Registration Program (ORP) discount
  • Discounts can be stacked with Edge IT Program for total discounts of up to 17%

The K-12 discounts apply to the following product categories:

  • Network UPS (Smart-UPS)
  • Racks and enclosures
  • Rack-mount PDUs

The Edge IT Program includes all those products plus concurrent services, DCIM and/or security and environmental monitoring.

Deals above $15,000 can get similar discounts by combining the ORP discount with the Attach Incentive Program, which applies to Smart-UPS or enclosures and PDUs with a valid Cisco, HP, Dell, EMC, or NetApp deal registration. If you sell $15,000 or more of Smart-UPS, the total discount comes to 15% while selling $7,500 of enclosures or PDUs gets a total discount of 17%.

These are just a few examples of the discounts that apply as of early Feb., 2017. The exact SKUs change quarterly, so check out the current lineup at the APC Partner Central K-12 page.

The K-12 space is rife with opportunity as schools race to install the latest technology and take advantage of the E-rate program. Coupled with our various discounts, I think you’ll find there are some lucrative deals to be had.

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