Why our partnership is mutually beneficial

As any growing company knows, there are limitations to what it can do by itself: employee bandwidth, limited resources and money, and communication outreach. Once a blockade sets itself in front of a company’s path, one of three things may happen next, the company:

1)     succumbs to confronting obstacles and disassembles itself, quicker than it started

2)     does nothing and gets by

3)     seizes the opportunity to reevaluate its progress and moves around the issue at hand.

Number 3 is where partnerships originate.
Partnering with other companies is a sign of resourcefulness and adaptability; joining forces with like-minded persons who rely on each other and share a common goal, strengthening both parties involved.

Studies have evaluated the biggest needs and trends of what a partner wants from its vendor. A partner research group Partner Path, along with consulting team Avnet Technology Solutions, examined the results of a survey they created, and categorized the emerging trends they discovered “into three important priority clusters: economics, cloud, and enablement” (Partner Path, State of Partnering Study results; pg3. 2013).


A large component of what APC by Schneider Electric’s Channel Partner Program does is advocate and provide enablement tools. Its Channel Marketing team knows that marketing tools correspond with the growth of other areas, such as Market Development Funds (MDF) and ultimately qualified leads; the greater the reach of marketing communications, the more MDF granted and the greater the likelihood of new opportunities. Mutually beneficial, the nurturing of marketing collateral is a sure way to increase profitability and presence in the industry.

With its constant reevaluation and maintenance of services and solutions, APC by Schneider Electric’s Channel Partner Program removes obstacles and enables its partners with best practice, industry benefits.

Check out the Online Marketing Center, a user-friendly portal which embodies one of the many enablement tools the Channel Partner Program promotes!

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