Power Managed Services Program Up and Running

The APC by Schneider Electric managed services program is off the ground. Nearly 250 partners already have signed up for it and enrolled in our MSP certification training, which prepares you to delivered managed power  services to end customers.

This is a strong start for a program that only a few months ago was still in the planning stages, and we expect the numbers will grow steadily as more partners get acquainted with it and become attuned to its benefits.

We’re taking a holistic approach to how we support our MSP partners because we recognize that you need help and guidance in setting up your managed power operations. It’s easy enough for a vendor to create a new offering and ask partners to go sell it, but we know that rolling out managed services is a little more involved than that.

That’s why we’ve created a program with our four pillars of partnership in mind to support your managed services efforts. The pillars are profitable growth; improved partner-specific support with digital tools resources and MSP-focused support; providing diverse enablement through MSP-specific training, increased outreach and enhanced marketing tools; and an enhanced partner experience with easy RMM integration, digital opportunity management tools and easier portal navigation. Let’s focus on profitability.

Profitability Focus

Profitability is a key component of our managed services support effort. Partners who complete the certification training certify their entire organization, not just the individuals who earn the certificate. From a profitability perspective, this makes it easier for you to receive the program’s benefits and leverage them to boost your bottom line. Here’s how we are helping you enhance profitability:

Managed services bundle discounts: Once your organization is certified, you qualify for 8 percent discounts for bundling Smart-UPS, Network Card and 1- or 3-year extended Warranties. These discounts are approved quickly by the internal APC team and require no registration, click to learn more.

iRewards bonus points: This is another way for APC to reward our MSP partners for delivering ongoing, long-term services. We believe that if the services are recurring, so should the rewards. So we’ve created a point structure that awards qualified MSPs 2,500 points for net new SKUs and 500 points for existing SKUs (claimed quarterly), click to learn more.

Financing options through distribution: These options give you greater flexibility with capital by extending 30-day term financing to 60 days when procuring solutions through our distributors, click to learn more.

Why Managed Services?

The partners who have already signed up for our managed services program understand the benefits of selling power managed services. The benefits can be boiled down to three main components: Increase Recurring Revenue, Reduce OpEx, and Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention. Managing infrastructure is likely a natural extension of what you already provide to customers. They likely already have power solutions on site, and now you are giving them an easier, worry-free way to manage the infrastructure. If they don’t, you have now have added value incentives to pitch to them.

The managed services approach helps you better manage the lifecycle of your clients’ power equipment. Through remote monitoring, you can more accurately schedule battery maintenance and replacement, thereby preventing emergency situations.

Power managed services help maximize IT infrastructure availability. You’re not only ensuring that power solutions run at optimal levels but also the overall IT environment because you’re helping to prevent downtime in the event of a power failure. In so doing, you boost your company’s revenue potential, which when it comes right down to it, is the best motivator for delivering managed services. If you haven’t signed up yet for our managed services program, do it now by visiting our program page.

Click here to learn more on the profitability benefits of our program.



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