Sales and Marketing Best Practices – Getting the Most out of the APC Showcase

The APC Showcase is a full website of syndicated content that is available to every Schneider Electric partner and VAR at no cost. With access to product information and discussions on industry trends, the APC Showcase is a robust and ready-made website specifically designed to generate web leads for our partners and resellers.

The APC Showcase, enabled through SharedVue, a Cloud Marketing company, can easily be configured in most content management systems such as Joomla and WordPress. Because the APC Showcase easily integrates into your existing company website, you can offer information on APC power and cooling Sample Partner Page with APC Showacse products while still promoting your brand and keeping visitors on your website. The APC Showcase fully integrates into your existing website and is not a series of links to separate websites. View a sample site here to see how the APC Showcase keeps customers on your website while they navigate the Schneider Electric content.

Setting up the APC Showcase is easy and only takes a few minutes. To get started, log in to your APC Partner Page, navigate to the Sales and Marketing tools section and click on the link to APC Showcase listed under Marketing Tools. From there, you are directed to simple instructions to set up your APC Showcase. It’s as easy as creating a new page on your website and pasting in some basic HTML code that is provided by SharedVue. Download the Easy 3 Step Guide to learn how to get started.

Once you have created your account with SharedVue, visit your dashboard and configure the settings. The APC Showcase is designed to generate sales leads for your company. Be sure that you enter the email address you prefer the leads to go to so your sales team can receive instant notification when a customer has submitted a lead.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the settings in your SharedVue dashboard. From here, you can customize the content that shows on your site, review site visits, and see the leads that have come in. Spend some time looking through the available reports to help understand which pages your visitors are most interested in so you can make informed decisions about which content to highlight.

Don’t forget to set the keywords and SEO settings on the page of your site that hosts the APC Showcase.   The content of the APC Showcase has already been optimized for search engines, but you want to be sure your page with the code for the APC Showcase is also optimized. This will help your site rank well in popular searches and allows you to tailor the SEO settings to the products and information that you prefer to feature.

In addition to detailed product information, Schneider Electric continually updates the showcase with various resources such as whitepapers, videos, and articles. Featuring these marketing assets on your website help you position your company as an expert and leader in the industry. And since the APC Showcase is syndicated content, your website will update automatically ensuring fresh, relevant content is available for your customers without any maintenance by you.

It’s simple, easy to use, and only takes about 10 minutes to set up. Take a few minutes to set up the APC Showcase and unleash the power of Schneider Electric’s global marketing department to generate qualified leads exclusively for your business.


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