Server Room in a Box Solution for Small Business and Branch Offices – 3 Tips to Selling the NetShelter CX

The NetShelter CX is often described as a server room in a box. This enclosure, whose look mimics that of standard office furniture, allows for IT deployments virtually anywhere. While many small businesses are starting to move their servers into the cloud, many businesses have deployed a hybrid approach, keeping at least one server on premise, and all businesses – no matter how small, still require networking hardware on site. But many companies don’t have the room to dedicate a closet or small space to networking and IT gear. These small offices and branch offices are ideal candidates for the NetShelter CX. Recognizing this need for not only his customers, but also his own business, Justin Sadler, President of Active Data Solutions has found success demonstrating the unique value of the NetShelter CX to customers with small offices and branch offices. Justin recently shared with us his top 3 Tips to Selling the NetShelter CX.

#1 – Go beyond the IT benefit and discuss the business benefit

The true ROI from the NetShelter CX comes from the savings in real estate expense. For most small businesses to have a dedicated IT space deployed correctly, an organization would need to allocate a minimum of 100 square feet to IT gear. When you factor annual rent into the operating costs, a dedicated IT space for a few servers and routers can end up costing thousands of dollars in real estate expense each year. Many offices aren’t constructed with a separate and dedicated IT space, so in many cases, customer organizations would be faced with a capital cost for initial construction. Since the NetShelter CX can be installed virtually anywhere, your customers can see tremendous savings just in the decision to integrate their IT and networking equipment with their main office environment.

The challenge with this is that it’s not uncommon for IT professionals to have little visibility into the overall budget for the business and the real estate budget in particular. In most organizations, IT professionals are given their annual budget allocations and are most concerned with operating within those parameters. It’s important that you position the NetShelter CX as an opportunity for your IT contact to bring a recommendation to senior management that represents tremendous ROI to the business as a whole.

#1 – Demonstrate that the NetShelter CX offers more than soundproofing

The NetShelter CX reduces noise by 90% allowing for placement in an office without disturbance from server noise. That alone makes the NetShleter CX the obvious choice for many small office applications. However, the CX does cost more than its standard enclosure counter-part, the NetShelter SX so expect objections from your customers. To overcome those objections, it’s important to keep the customer focused on the benefits of the NetShelter CX. We’ve already discussed the opportunity for ROI in terms of saved rent, and it obviously provides soundproofing, but what else does the NetShelter CX offer?

Security. Always a concern, security is one of the first things IT professionals will tell you keeps them up at night. Human error and malicious intent are risks that no IT professional likes to take. The NetShelter CX completely encloses the equipment and comes standard with a secure lock. This gives IT professionals the peace of mind they need for the security of their equipment in remote locations, branch offices, and even just down the hall.

Also, the NetShelter CX is specially designed to coordinate with the most common office décor, so your cabinet will blend in with the rest of the furniture in the room. While IT professionals may not be particularly concerned with this, often times office managers, senior management or whomever is responsible for the aesthetics of the office environment will be concerned with how it looks.

Of course, the ability to deploy the NetShelter CX virtually anywhere makes every conference room, common area, hallway, and office a potential location for IT and networking gear. This flexibility is particularly appealing to businesses that are already feeling tight on space or those that are working with older buildings that would otherwise require elaborate retrofitting. If you are; however, interested in seeing a demo of the soundproofing capabilities of the NetShelter CX line click here.

#3 – Appeal to the IT Professional’s need for easy deployment in remote sites and branch offices

This is where you really start to appeal to the needs of the IT professional. We’ve offered overall savings in operating expenses, we’ve offered a nice-looking and secure office environment, and flexibility in deployment but when it comes right down to it, we want to show how the NetShelter CX will make it easier for your customer to do their job.

The server room in a box model can be tremendously appealing. Particularly for branch offices, remote locations, or any sites where there isn’t an IT staff on premises. When launching a new site, the IT professional will want something that they can deploy quickly and easily. With a cabinet they can lock, the NetShelter CX allows them to set up the servers and networks for the remote site, lock the cabinet, and walk away knowing that their job there is complete and their equipment is secure. And because they don’t need to build a dedicated IT space for each site, the deployment can be made rapidly and inexpensively.

Justin Sadler from Active Data Solutions recommends that whenever possible his SMB customers host critical applications that require high-availability in the cloud or housed in a colo environment, while applications that are critical yet do not require 99.999% uptime may be able to run on premise more economically. Justin uses his own configuration as an example of best practices, “Any application such as email, or CRM that requires high availability, I put in the cloud or colo because those locations have the redundant power and cooling needed to guarantee availability. Anything that is critical but not necessarily needed every minute of every day, for example a local file server, I’m willing to entertain hosting in our office if it is more economical, and that decreases the complexity of my in-house IT needs.” The result of this? “Sites will never be without hardware. There will always be hardware on premises – always a need for a local network hosted internally.” And because of that, no matter how much we ultimately send to the cloud or colo, there will always be a need for a small IT deployment in every office. The NetShelter CX is designed just for that.

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