Technology Advances Create Business Opportunities for Joint Cisco & Schneider Electric Sales Partners


The much discussed need to bridge the information technology and facility domains now has a tangible tool for helping to close the gap: the integration-focused partnership between Schneider Electric and Cisco Systems, according to comments from Soeren Brogard Jensen, Schneider Electric’s VP for Enterprise Management and Software, at the recent Cisco Live 2013 event in London.

In an interview with Schneider Electric TV from the event, Jensen spoke about the partnership with Cisco. That partnership has been years in the making, but blossomed with a major announcement at Cisco Live in 2012, and gained further momentum with an announcement from the 2013 Cisco Live event.

Under the partnership, said Jensen, it’s easier for our joint channel partners to integrate events and data between IT and network management systems from Cisco, and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) systems from Schneider Electric that govern data center physical infrastructure. Thanks to the partnership, said Jensen, this integration is now much more “plug and play,” and presents a real opportunity for resellers who know the solutions from both companies, and how events and data between the two layers can be turned into information.

“Yes, absolutely, there is a major opportunity for a Cisco certified reseller that is coming in from the IT layer and is being challenged by a much broader optimization for energy and saving costs, and … increasing operational efficiency beyond IT,” said Jensen.

By knowing how the Cisco-Schneider Electric integration partnership works, added Jensen, a Cisco reseller can differentiate against other resellers less familiar with the integration and thus less able to merge data from the IT and physical infrastructure domains and turn it into useful information via analytics, simulation, and other capabilities.

The biggest opportunities for resellers likely lies with older “brownfield” data centers and buildings that lack the latest solutions, said Jensen, and thus have much room for improvement in terms of integrating the IT and physical infrastructure layers.

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