UPS Maintenance Presents Big Opportunity for Schneider Electric Partners

Customers depend on their IT providers to deliver sound advice and guidance on selecting and operating the IT equipment that will best meet their needs. That guidance should also extend to the proper care and maintenance of UPS systems that keep that IT gear up and running even in the event of power disruptions.

Moreover, providing UPS maintenance can result in lots of opportunity for new business for APC by Schneider Electric partners. In some respects, a UPS is like an automobile; it requires various sorts of servicing over the course of its life. Nobody is in a better position to provide those services than APC by Schneider Electric partners.

No matter what the age of a customer’s UPS, there’s some form of maintenance package or upgrade you can offer. For systems that are less than 3 years old, you can offer investment protection in the form of an extended warranty. That will provide customers with peace of mind, as it comes with features including free replacement batteries and 24×7 technical support.

UPSs that are 3 to 7 years old may need a new battery or other upgrades. For units older than that, you can guide customers through replacement options, touting the advanced features and energy efficiency technology built into more recent UPSs. And of course, existing customers can get discounts with UPS trade-ins.

APC has online tools to guide customers through decisions for each phase of the UPS lifecycle. The Service Selector will help customers with newer UPSs find the most appropriate maintenance package while those with somewhat older models can use the Upgrade Selector to find a new battery. When it’s time for a new UPS, the UPS Selector can help customers find the right model. Customers can use each of these tools themselves or walk through them with your guidance.

Having a conversation about these UPS decisions should be a natural extension of the sorts of IT-related discussions partners have with customers day to day. If a customer has servers on premise, simply ask if those servers have UPS protection. If so, how old are the UPS? Have they ever replaced the UPS batteries? Do they know how much runtime they have on the batteries?

Even if a customer makes use of cloud-based server resources, there could still be UPS opportunities. In such cases, the routers or switches supporting the network connection become paramount to uptime – and thus need UPS protection.

And wherever there’s a UPS, there’s opportunity for routine maintenance. As an APC by Schneider Electric partner, you’re in a great position to educate customers about the importance of UPS maintenance, pointing to benefits including:

  • Reduced downtime by preventing problems before they result in UPS failures
  • Greater UPS energy efficiency for greener data centers and distributed network closets
  • Improved performance through regular tuning
  • Investment protection, because maintenance can prolong the life of UPSs
  • Increased IT productivity, as IT is freed up to focus on core business functions, not UPS lifecycle managementUPS Maintenance

To help partners educate customers on the benefits of regular UPS maintenance, we put together this simple infographic that we think gets the key points across. Feel free to share it with customers far and wide.

And to simplify the discussion for partners, we’ve assembled a UPS Lifecycle page with links to all the tools you’ll need. It includes links to the infographic as well as the various online selectors, information on warranties and battery recycling, the UPS trade-in program, and even a guide on how to have a conversation about UPSs with your customers. Take a look so you’ll be prepared to take advantage of the opportunity that UPSs of any age present to partners.


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