What Gives You Your Competitive EDGE?

Sell APC, Snap a Selfie, Tell us Your Story…and You Could Win!

At APC we value our partners and want to get to know them – that means understanding how they’re capitalizing on evolving technologies like Edge Computing & Networking – it also means tapping into their competitive spirit!

Through June 30, 2016, APC by Schneider Electric is sponsoring the #APCedge contest – whereby partners enrolled in our partner program are encouraged to tell us how they attach APC to their Networking and “Edge” opportunities, while showing us what gives them their competitive edge!Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.09.50 AM

What can you win?
Individual Prizes: Every approved entry will receive a $25 gift card (up to 10 entries per person), and every 2 weeks we will randomly select an approved entry and send the contestant a GoPro Camera!

Company GRAND Prize: This IS a competition, so we expect an epic rivalry! APC will reward the company with the most submissions by donating a percentage of the overall APC revenue generated by that company via the contest to their charity of choice!

How does it work?
Step 1: SELL – Sell APC as part of a comprehensive Edge Networking/Computing, Converged IT, or other Networking application. Don’t forget to take advantage of our discount programs when you’re hunting for those opportunities, such as the Attach Incentive Program (AIP) and the NEW Edge IT Program.

Step 2: SHOW – Snap a “selfie” or take a quick video showing us what gives you your competitive EDGE – is it your game face? Your colleagues? Your tankard-sized barrel of coffee? Snap a pic of whatever it is!


A: Upload your image directly to the contest website! You can access via the red tab right here on APC Partner Central that says “#APCedge.”


B: Post your pic/video to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #APCedge (you will receive message telling you to complete your submission on the contest website)

Step 3: SUBMIT – Fill out the form on the contest website by hitting the “submit an entry” button, and tell us about your #APCedge Opportunity!

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